Resource of the Month: IRA Rollover as a Qualified Plan Conduit

Weingast_IRAIn the spirit of new year’s resolutions, the start of the year often means that employees are putting plans in place to start new jobs. That’s why our January Resource of the Month is about Conduit IRA’s – which are special IRAs where funds are held until they are either transferred to a new plan or dispersed to the employee.

The resource provides an in-depth look at how these plans work, explains what your options are as either the plan provider or the employee, and goes over other considerations based on the latest legislation – including some new parameters that went into effect on January 1, 2015.

This is a can’t-miss resource – download it here today!

Need To Know: 2015 Pension Plan Limits

It’s a new year and that means something important for your retirement plan – new contribution limits. In 2015, the IRS has raised pension plan limits to reflect cost-of-living increases. There are new limits for 401(k)-related plans as well as others. We’ve summarized the new limits (and given you a six-year overview of plan limits) in this helpful chart:Robin_Weingast_Plan_Limits

Based on these new limits, it’s more important than ever for you and your employees to review your retirement plans. The Robin Weingast & Associates team is here to help you understand the new limits and make sure you maximize their potential and opportunities. Contact us today to make sure your benefits are working for you.

What Robin’s Reading: January 2015

Robin Weingast Reading RecsHappy new Year from Robin Weingast & Associates! As regular readers of our blog know, the Robin Weingast & Associates team is committed to providing our clients with the knowledge and insights they need to successfully achieve their business goals. What you may not know is that we also like to make sure we’re prepared with insights and knowledge that will help us provide the best service to every one of our clients.

That’s why we’re happy to introduce a new feature on our blog: “What Robin’s Reading.” Every other month, we’ll give you an inside look at what the Robin Weingast & Associates team is reading and explain why it’s so interesting to us.

This month, we’re reading “17 Charitable Tips for the Wealthiest Clients,” a piece that outlines ways that we can help our wealthiest clients participate in philanthropy that matters to them. The article outlines some key points to consider as we work with clients to achieve their giving goals.

Why are we reading this? At the heart of these 17 tips is the message that the right strategy comes down to making sure you have a relationship with your client and that the solution you offer is customized to their needs. This is at the heart of the Robin S. Weingast & Associates approach to business.

Got something you think Robin should read? Contact us and make a recommendation!